App Publishing

In order for users to be able to access the functionality of mobile applications, they must be made publically available. Application publishing is the process of organizing and streamlining the application lifecycle process. This function centralizes all forms of publication of the runtime applications to one place. This makes the handling of applications availability much easier and more consistent.
Publishing is the process of compiling an application so that it is ready for users to install on their devices, and it involves two essential tasks:
  • Preparing for publication – A release version of the application is created that can be deployed to Android-powered devices.
  • Distribution – The release version of an application is made available through one or more of the various distribution channels.
Using an established marketplace, such as the Google Play and Apple Play, is the most common way to publish an application as it provides the broadest market reach and the greatest control over distribution. Hiring an app publishing company saves you the hassle and the time that it takes to submit your Android or iOS app to any marketplace. At GetTop3Quotes, you can choose your desired app publishing company by comparing their quotes and pricing.

How Publishing Your Mobile App Benefits Your Business

  • You can market your products directly to the customer
  • You can provide your customers with valuable products and services
  • You can enhance business recognition and do branding with a mobile application
  • Stand out from your competitors with your app published in marketplace
  • Make a loyal customer base by publishing your mobile app
  • Publishing a mobile app will you reach the widest audience possible
  • It opens up all sorts of cross-merchandising opportunities
  • It allows a mobile user to search for specific content and add their own giving you a deep understanding of their thoughts and expectations

Pick from the Top Mobile App Publishing Companies

The popularity of mobile enterprise apps consumer-based mobile apps has grown tremendously in the last decade. App stores are flooded with millions of mobile apps covering myriad topics and genres. Choosing the right mobile app publisher to promote your mobile app can do wonders for your business. You’ll find the best app publishing companies under one roof at GetTop3Quotes. We act as a bridge between you and the companies. You can choose the company by reviewing their quotes and portfolio.