Develop Mobile App to Drive Revenue for Business

2015 is looking massive for mobile application development. Acquisition, products – talks are there for app development every-where. Mobile apps are opening a whole new world of opportunities for marketers at businesses from large and small. The following are some key ways businesses are getting an extra boost via mobile apps.

Geo-Targeted Push Notifications

Below could be ways, businesses could use geo-targeted push notifications.

A band on tour could notify fans in a particular city that tickets there are nearly sold out or remind concert-goers to show up early so they don’t miss the opening act
A national chain could easily send city- or region-specific notifications about special offers based on what users in that area are interested in
A restaurant could boost loyalty by sending a special offer to customers who had been in the past year but not in the last two months
A store could announce a sale on umbrellas coupled with a weather alert to nearby users when it’s predicted to rain soon

Develop Mobile App

Develop Mobile App

Additional Sales Opportunities

One of the single biggest opportunities for businesses to leverage mobile apps is that smart-phones have opened a whole new world of shopping and engagement opportunities. Interactions between customers and businesses have grown to become geo-agnostic. The morning commute, waiting in line for movie tickets and sitting in a doctor’s office are all places people could be using their smart-phones to shop your store or engage with your brand.

These pockets of free time that were previously biased toward reading, can now be used by consumers for so much more. A mobile app maximizes opportunities for reaching users in these new pockets of time. A push notification might remind users of a nearly abandoned shopping cart, bringing them back into the shopping experience. A more seamless experience of stored login and billing information means an easier path to transact.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

The classic targeted ad story goes something like this: A potential homeowner is stuck in traffic on his daily commute home and looks out his window to read a sign on a new housing development that says, “If you lived here, you’d be home by now.”

Now multiply that times a billion and you’ve got the power of modern, smartphone-powered targeted advertising. These smart ads can target users by their specific location, displaying ads that are geographic and contextually optimized. Businesses can make on-the-fly tweaks to campaigns based on what works in a particular geographic location. They can also display coupons to potential users nearby or help users find the business by advertising directly on a map. being a leading market place, connects the customers to top iOS developers. USA, India, Germany, UAE are seeing growing demand for iOS app development & iOS developers. App development is growing big.

How Mobile App Companies are Driving Digital Growth?  

While all app categories grew in double digits, mobile application development companies in USA and India are focusing on lifestyle, shopping, ecommerce, social and messaging apps. As per a recent survey, mobile shopping grew more than 235% and social apps grew more than 203%. App development companies in India are working more on B2C mobile apps and thus directly contributing to digital growth story.