Hotel APIs

For customers and agents, the process of booking accommodation for a holiday or business trip can be a complicated one, which takes up a great deal of time. Every destination has numerous hotel options, each of which offers varying quality, pricing, facilities and availability. And it’s this very diversity which makes it so tough to find just what you’re looking for quickly and efficient. A hotel API allows travel companies and travel suppliers to access the vast hotel inventory via XML interface.
APIs and data feeds are the lifeblood of the travel industry. They power everything from selling flight tickets to beautiful map-based travel guides. Hotel API aggregates hotel content into a single system from leading hotel suppliers, consolidators, hotel chains, independent hotels, bed banks and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Hotel API provides comprehensive descriptions including room types, images and facilities. It provides a B2B solution that is designed to integrate and power front-end and mobile applications to distribute and sell hotel content. It also provides a seamless integration to shop, book and record aggregated hotel content to the Agency Desktop. Choose from various hotel API developing companies at GetTop3Quotes and give the best hotel stay to your customers.

Benefits of Hotel APIs

  • Simple to use – It reduces the long list of results, that are often a challenge to navigate, to a more manageable list of the exact right options. Hotel API considers multiple features (e.g. location and price) and assesses their value based on specific user requests. It is easy to integrate, with an API feed, directly with an Agency Desktop or an Internet Booking Engine (IBE).
  • Delivers rich content – Hotel API connects to over 700,000 hotel properties around the world and offers the most relevant prices by comparing costs from multiple vendors.
  • Saves time – Hotel API enables to define search parameters that also can be very precise or general and include location, radius, and geographical searches among many others resulting in valuable time-savings. It matches thousands of hotel properties and displays a single hotel result with multiple rates, from multiple suppliers so you can select the best available rates in a real-time environment.
  • Increases sales – Hotel API reflects the full scope of hotel offers, allows selection and booking of special room features, special fares, bed type, breakfast, meals and more. It provides resizable pictures and images of the hotel properties straight from the source making the selection simple and easy therefore enabling you to provide your customers with the most relevant choices that ultimately results in higher sales revenues.

Hotel APIs are Transforming the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is at a technological expectations cross-road. When one looks at the complexity of hotel operations, the complex nature of inventory distribution and all of the other touchpoints that affect a hotel, it’s no wonder that systems need to communicate effectively with each other. A hotel API is the best solution for all these problems. SO get a hotel API today!