Sabre Software

At the heart of what we do every day are integrated software solutions that bring efficiency, cost savings and answers to the complexities of operating an airline, hotel and travel agency. From creating flight plans to managing revenue for airlines and hotels to identifying specific travel shopping options, Sabre software is the one-stop solution for all your travel woes. Sabre travel software is the best travel software choice for the world’s leading travel agencies and corporate travel programs.
Travel agents face it every day: payment and settlement for air travel that requires multiple entries in the reconciliation process, ultimately driving cost and inefficiencies. While corporations look to increase the security of business travel accounts with high credit limits and reduce the number of travelers using personal credit cards to book travel, both corporations and travel agents need the ability to process air payments in a more seamless, trusted fashion. Sabre empowers travel agents with virtual payment technology for air bookings. If you have a traveling company and are looking for top-quality Sabre software development companies around the globe, visit getTop3Quotes. Hire the best from the rest!

Reasons to Choose Sabre GDS Software

  • Creates specific trip templates for your passenger groups that can be easily duplicated for passengers with similar needs in addition to having access to detailed reports (sales/profits) related to each passenger group
  • Tracks all the information related to your travel agents such as commissions or payments;
  • Manages all the payment methods including vendor credit cards
  • Automates the calculation of fees due to ‘’Consumer Protection Funds’’ when applicable in some provinces
  • Activates the automatic invoice creation when a booking has been made through Sabre software
  • Consults many sales reports selected through a multi-criteria search
  • Configures the sending of reports by email on a periodic basis
  • Provides a perfect virtual marketplace for travel inventory sellers such as hotels, airlines, and car rental systems to showcase their wares to a global internet travel audience

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