Top Mobile App Development Companies in USA

While more and more businesses and enterprises are looking for their mobile application development needs in USA and worldwide, thus surging the demand for top mobile app development companies. It’s not hard to understand why; cross platform tools still typically require skilled professionals to use, can at times be restrictive in terms of their capabilities, and don’t offer the kind of strategy and expertise that a team of dedicated professionals do.

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App Development Companies in United States

App Development Companies in United States

But finding the right app development agency to handle your mobile app project can be tough. So as a starting point why not take a look at our round-up of some of the biggest and most popular mobile app development companies in United States right now. If you think there’s an app development company that deserves to be on this list get in touch and let us know.

Top USA Mobile App Development Agencies

YMedia Labs – Award-winning app developer based in San Francisco. YMedia Apps include eCorner, Gootnau and Alpha Writer.

ArcTouch – San Francisco-based app studio working across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BalckBerry platforms. Clients include Walmart, Honeywell and CBS.

Duff Research – Mobile app developer based in San Francisco, working across Android, iOS and Amazon’s Kindle. Clients include Adidas and TiVo.

Creative27 – Award-winning Los Angeles-based developer that covers mobile, tablet and UX. Clients included BBC, Univision and Samsung.

Tiny Mobile – iOS, Android and Windows Phone app developer based in San Francisco. Developed the apps Ace Coin Bulldozer and Ace Slot Casino.

WeezLabs – Los Angeles developer for mobile, also does web and branding. Covers iOS and Android.

DoubleDutch – San Francisco-based app developer that specialises in creating geo-social enterprise apps for businesses. Clients include Adobe, HP and Cisco.

Digital Trike – Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Digital Trike builds apps, along with websites and tools. Does games, enterprise and utility apps.

NeonRoots – Venice, CA, based design and development agency covering apps and web. Also has offices in Uruguay.

Synapticats – Portland-based agency that says it has over 20 years of experience developing for Apple platforms. Also covers Android.

Cosmic Cube – San Francisco-based developer specialising in white label productivity and entertainment apps on iOS and Android. Recent bought by Raw Engineering.

47Degrees – Based in Seattle with offices in Spain, 47 Degrees works across Android, iPhone, iPad and web. Claims to have an average app rating of 4.5 stars on app stores.

Pixel Lab – Seattle-based developer that specialised in Windows Phone and HTML5 platforms.  Responsible for porting Cut The Rope to HTML5 and Evernote to Windows Phone 7.

Double Encore – Denver-based app developer that covers iOS, Android and Android Wear for wearables. Clients include JetBlue Airways and Major League Soccer.

Moby – Seattle developer with offices in Santa Monica, claims to have an expertise in info architecture and elegant user experiences.

Ubermind – Seattle-based app developer that works across iOS and Android. Clients include AmTrack and Alaska Airlines. Backed by Deloitte.

KunckleHeads – Portland-based developer that specialises in native app development and backend cloud services, such as analytics and push notifications.

303 Software – Works across mobile, Facebook and web and based in Denver. Clients include Fox, Paramount Studios and Optic Nerve.

Appstronauts – Seattle-based creative digital studio that focuses on mobile projects. Covers iOS, Android and mobile web.

Fueled – Award winning development agency based in New York. Created QuizUp, which claims to be the world’s biggest trivia game and best-selling photo editor Afterlight.

Appetizer – New York-based and award-winning agency that offers strategy, consultation, app and mobile development.

Raizlabs – Boston-based developer that’s worked with major brands such as HP, Hallmark, Macy’s and MIT. Claims to have more than 30 million app downloads.

Rocket Farm Studios – Boston-based developer that’s worked with brands such as Yamaha and VideoIQ.

Mobile Developers USA

Mobile Developers USA

ZCO – Nashua, New Hampshire, based developer that works across iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Clients include Verizon and Motorola.

Applico – Award-winning app developer, and mobile consultant, based in New York. Works across BlackBerry, Android and iOS plattforms. Clients include Toshiba, General Motors and NBC.

Tierra Innovation – iOS, Android and web developers based in New York City.  Developed apps for The New Yorker and Napster.

Two Bulls – Award-winning app developer that specialises in augmented reality. Has worked with clients such as CocaCola, Sesame Street and Deloitte.

Maag Studios – New York-based developer with offices in India. Developers for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms.

Tendigi – iOS developer based in New York. Developed apps for Ford, IBM and Estee Lauder.

Appital – New York-based iOS, Windows Phone and Android developer that specialises in enterprise, location-based and consumer-facing apps. Clients include SeaWorld and Central Park.

Outside Source – Indianapolis-based digital agency that offers mobile development across iOS and Android. Also works with Microsoft SmartGlass.

Ora Interactive – Chicago-based developer that specialises in Android, iOS, branding, interactive design and user interface.

AmbrDetroit – Development studio based in Detroit that creates cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5, as well as web apps and ecommerce sites.

Eight Bit Studios – Chicago-based award winning app developer that’s worked with brands such as Groupon and Hasbro. Covers iOS and Android.

App Hands – Indiana-based developer that focuses solely on iPhone and iPad development. Promises a fast turnaround and fair pricing.

RareWire – Kansas City company that offers both its own self-serve platform and development studio. Has worked with Forever 21 and The Atlantic Magazine

Entrepreneurial Technologies – Agency based in Des Moines, Iowa. Specialises in Android, iOS, web and database development.

Detroit Labs – Detroit-based developer that focuses entirely on app development. Has worked with major clients such as Chevy and Dominoes Pizza.

WillowTree, Inc –  One of the largest app developers in the USA, working across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms. Clients include GE, Time Warner, AOL and NBA. Based in Charlottesville, VA.

SDSOL – Mobile and web developer based in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Cover iOS, Android, mobile game development and marketing.

TwoToasters – North Carolina-based agency that offers app development along with ASO, analytics and other mobile marketing services. Clients include AirBnB and Lexus.

Little Green Software – Mobile development agency specialising in iOS and Android that’s worked with the likes of HTC and WahooFitness. North Carolina-based.

AllMobleEverything – Atlanta-based development agency that specialises in cross-platform development, working with Xamarin, Unity and Parse.

JackRabbit Mobile – Austin-based app developer that serves enterprises and start-ups. Also creates Google Glass apps.

XCube Labs – Multi-platform app developer based in Dallas, Texas. Has developed over 400 apps, including Tap Zoo, iTarot, and Health Assist. – Agency that works across smartphones and tablets, as well as on wearables such as Google Glass and Apple Watch.

Mobisoft – Android, BlackBerry and iOS app developer based in Houston, Texas. Has developed over 130 apps across the Android Market, BlackBerry World and App Store.

AppWorks – Boca Raton, Florida, agency that works across iOS and Android. Specialises in using Python for development.

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How Mobile App Companies are Driving Digital Growth?  

While all app categories grew in double digits, mobile apps development companies in USA and India are focusing on lifestyle, shopping, ecommerce, social and messaging apps. As per a recent survey, mobile shopping grew more than 235% and social apps grew more than 203%. Mobile app development companies in India are working more on B2C mobile apps and thus directly contributing to digital growth story.